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I am an English Girl, as per my username. I'm a still twenty-something Calvinist and Ravenclaw, who spends an awful lot of time putting words together. I can also be found doing this under the same title at NaNoWriMo, and as meldahlie on fanfiction.net.

(For anyone's information, I am not a bad example of internet security, it just looks like it. The reason for this is that I am a journalist. I cannot have my editors knowing, lest they think I am completely mad. :P)

I got this LJ to join in the 2015 Twelfth Night Tales at the rt-morelove community, so it will probably be mostly creative stuff. Odd bits of history, literature, music, films, politics, theology, science, agriculture and poetry may also feature. Real Life will, occasionally, intrude.

If you like my writings, feel free to Friend me. If I like yours, I may Friend you back.

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