A very wet Sunday!

“Go ye forth and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...” (Matthew 28: 18-19)

Well, not quite all nations. But last Sunday, as part of a long chain of events in my life stemming from a book written by an American minister living in Switzerland, at a Welsh chapel, by a Canadian pastor, I, an English girl, was baptised.

:D :D :D

No, I have never been wetter in my life! And yes, it was a simply wonderful day!

I have a piano-full of cards to show for it, too:

The waters carry to the sea
The filth of human misery,
Our vice and our depravity.
And these my Saviour's eyes did see,
He knew the end was Calvary;
He went into that stream for me.

Dorothy Sayers: MBTI types?

So, after a month’s happy binge on LOTS of Dorothy Sayers...

...there will be, I promise, some book-specific posts, but for the moment, here is a more general consideration of personality types for all the major characters :)
Recovering the two hours discussion/analysis/comparison/argument which led to these classifications is currently beyond me, so I’m just listing them all here. If anyone wants to comment, query or object, I’ll try and remember how we got there!

Lord Peter Wimsey – INTJ
Harriet Vane – INFP
Mervyn Bunter – ESTJ
Freddy Arbuthnot – ESFJ
Dowager Duchess – INFJ
Duke of Denver – ISFJ
Duchess of Denver – ENTJ
Lady Mary – ISTJ
Paul Delagardie – ENTP
Miss Climpson – ESTJ
Miss Murchison – ENTP
Philip Boyes – INTP
Sir Impey Biggs – INTJ
Annie Wilson – ISFJ
Miss De Vine – INTJ
Aggie Twitterton – ESTJ
Miss Meteyard – ENTP

The only two I remain unsure about are:
1. Charles Parker: he is certainly a sentinel (S), and I’m inclined towards ESFJ because he can, and does, take Peter’s many jokes without getting offended or hurt.
2. Lord St George, who acts much of the time like a rampant ESFP or ESTP. However, many other personality types can resemble these two when over-excited, which is usually the state we meet St George in, and he can on occasion sprout common sense and honour, which is not very typical of an ‘ES-P’.

Librarians ... Dangerous?

FAO: checkers65477, readsintrees and lionlass7, along with freenarnian, ninedaysaqueen and any other reprobates acquainted with our fearsome mods over on Sounis...

I made a discovery today. I found out why checkers65477's tagline is "Beware the wrath of the Librarian":

Winnipeg, Vegas libraries wage war of words on Twitter

You Guys Are Dangerous!!!

;P ;P ;P

lionlass7, did they teach you this in Grad school?


Spring flowers at Cardigan Castle

This post is about work. Truly. ;P I had to interview an artist, so we met up at Cardigan Castle, or Castell AberTeifi if you want it in Welsh :) As I got there a little bit early, I wandered about the main gardens, which fill the space inside the walls. Apart from the walls, there's very little castle left, replaced by a Georgian house in the 18th century, that's now the museum.
Anyway, I took some photos...
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Cotton ticking?

This post is actually a brief appeal to chocolatepot,nuranar, mala_14 or anyone else who knows about fabric:
Can you recommend anywhere that sells good quality, not too expensive, red and white stripe cotton ticking online?
I'm looking for some to make kitchen curtains and tablecloth to match, but all I can find is a) artisan Irish linen ticking at £45/m; b) designer French cotton ticking at £30/m; c) frightful stripy polyester! As none of these seem reasonable to me, I'm looking online, and wondered if anyone could help?
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